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Welcome to Clan Mythology, dedicated to preserving spoken myths, legends, folklore and fairytales. Mythological literature and oral traditions around the world express memories from the collective unconscious and provide an ancient map of the human psyche, offering meaningful insights into the archetypal experiences of humankind.

In our modern world, hyper-quick communications and quick fix pop-culture threaten thousands of years of oral crafts. However, sharing time worn stories and deep mining the underlying archetypes, Clan Mythology aims at becoming a wishing-well of old school stories for future digitized generations to learn from.



In mythology the blackberry was associated with the devil and in faerie lore the Púca was a mischievous supernatural entity that spat on the fruits rendering them toxic. This episode gets to the roots of the myths, medicines and practical applications of the blackberry bush.

For 5000 years the rose has evoked passion, magic and love with its erotic fragrance and beauty. Join Chia and I making ancient Egyptian rose water to keep your hair and skin glowing like Cleopatras, discussing the rose's applications in mythology, symbology philosophy and religion.

Dissecting a brain-melting Brugmansia; a.k.a Devil's Breath, Angel's Trumpet or Moon-Flower this episode examines South America'a most poisonous psychotropic plant from its ancient medicinal and hallucinogenic ritual applications to its modern criminal uses.

Dandelions are one of the most colorful, perverse and mythologized medicinal multi-tools from the ancient world. After collecting the nutritional power-flower I'll prepare its roots, leaves and petals and make and a cup of old American colonial tea.


This final episode the "Celtic Kabbalah" series looks at the underlying motivations of the ancient Irish Battle of Cúl Dreimhne (battle of the book) and finally answers "how" and "when" Kabbalistic principles first penetrated the Celtic Christian Church.

If you are adamant Scotland's Loch Ness Monster is a cryptozoological enigma then this episode will undoubtedly annoy you. However, if you love seeing historical mysteries purified with ancient archetypes of mythology and a tad of Jungian reasoning - press play.

Our intrepid warrior-saint climbs ever higher paths in his conceptual tree of life and venturing to Dunadd hillfort he meets King Conall of Dál Riata and changes Scotland's religious destiny. Cosmologically and psychologically this episode presents Columba's voyage across the 31st path of initiation, Resh, between the sefirots Yesod, representing subconsciousness, and Hod, our thoughts.

This episode mines into myth, illusion, symbol, metaphor and allegory revealing 'The Great Work' of the 6th century Celtic Irish Saint Columba. Beneath the saint's Celtic Christian veneer lies a hidden chamber of hermetic, kabbalistic and alchemical principals, no only in his ancient kingly bloodline, but in real-world locations marked on his 32nd path of initiation from Derry in Ireland to Iona in Scotland, Malkuth to Yesod.

An old Gaelic flood prophecy is translated using hermetic, alchemical and kabbalistic keys from the life and legends of the 6th century Irish Saint Columba - the "Dove of the Church".

This episode begins in 9th century Ireland at a time when Celtic priests were speculating how, when and why universal creation might have happened. Getting beneath the hyper-colorful veil of cosmic energies, magic hazel trees, sea giants and fountains of creation, within the structure of these creation myths we discover Irish holy men and their mystical Jewish counterparts held virtually identical cosmogonies.


Rapunzel is a German fairy tale first published in 1812 from the collection assembled by the Brothers Grimm, which was an adaptation of Giambattista Basile's 1634 "Petrosinella".

American writer Joseph Campbell would have called this story a classic example of the 'hero's journey'. From Brazilian forest folklore this twisted tale is loaded with inspiring archetypes and supernatural motifs, magical riddles, giants, animals, robbers and of course - the fairest princesses in the land.

In this darker version of the classic fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin, the little baby stealer uses black magic to create a portal to hell. Will the queen survive? Will the devil claim her baby?

This episode tells an ancient tale - "The Grandmother" - a darker version of the "Little Red Riding Hood" story which was told among adults AFTER the children went to sleep. WARNING: This older version, though it sounds innocent, is not a child friendly tale.


This episode explores the origins of the Michigan 'Melon Heads' legend; a disturbing tale of a hospital for children suffering from hydrocephalic (water head syndrome), from which several children are said to have escaped to the dense Michigan forests where they became semi-ferrel and remain today.

The hit television series Outlander featured a stone circle acting as a time portal, but in reality, these ancient devices once served as 'time keeping' devices and this episode explores two such Neolithic standing stone settings in Caithness, Scotland.

In this short film Ashley explores locations in the far north of Scotland associated with mermaids, finfolk and selkies. Beginning at a magical island in Orkney we venture to a mediaeval churchyard in Caithness for a supernatural experiment at a legendary selkie's grave.

This episode features the historic use of psychoactive mushrooms in Celtic culture, revealing the creatures experienced during hallucinations as environmental archetypes recording the fears and struggles of ancient communities. 🍄

In 2016, a Colombian professor introduced me to a controversial artifact he claims was excavated from a pre-historic site near Bogotá in 1969. Known as the Genetic Disc this mysterious, black lydite disc depicts unfamiliar male and female lifeforms, sperm, eggs and fetuses at differing stages of development.

Am Fear Liath Mòr is the legendary "Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui", a giant shadowy entity that thrusts mountaineers into states of terror and panic. This episode examines the environmental circumstances which cause the reported apparitions and emotional changes, bringing the mountain monster firmly into reality.


Beginning with an ancient flood myth this feature discusses indigenous spiritual beliefs, lunar astronomy, environmental, ecological and psychological archetypes; some of world mythology's richest ingredients. This episode discusses triple moon goddesses in world myths, legends and folklore and why ancient moon goddesses were worshiped in three aspects.

Todays's episode gets up close to my allegedly 'cursed' ancient Egyptian artifact which is associated with Tutankhamun's Curse and a series of bizarre synchronistic occurrences. What do mythologists, psychologists and statisticians have to say about the ancient phenomenon of curses, hexes and jinxes? Don't forget to Subscribe and press the bell for alerts on new episodes.

This episode gets to the heart of Ashley's 2019 search for Captain Morgan's legendary lost treasure on San Andrés Island in the Caribbean Sea of Seven Colors. Don't forget to Subscribe and press the bell for alerts on new episodes.

In this episode Ashley talks with bestselling crime writer Douglas Skelton about the myth of Sawney Bean, the 16th century Scottish clan leader whose 48 members were reportedly executed for the cannibalization of over 1,000 innocent Scots. What truth lies in this hyper-violent Scottish myth?

A timeworn Scottish myth tells of a powerful Highland wizard being decapitated and buried in a circular grave at the end of a loch. Using an 18th century map I was able to locate this legendary wizards grave, and bringing myth firmly into reality, discovered a curious artifact which we will study up close in this feature.

In 1899, occultist Aleister Crowley converted Boleskine House on Loch Ness into a functioning Egyptian temple for acting out an ancient ritual known as the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. What exactly did the self proclaimed "Great Beast" achieve during his time at Loch Ness?

The prehistoric creator gods; Viracocha of the Incas in modern Peru and Chiminigagua of the Muisca people of Colombia, both created gold before people. This episode explores how Pre-Colombian cultures in South America mined, refined, moulded and hyper-ritualized gold.

A fading Norse myth identifies a remote grassy hillock with the otherworldly home of Odin's legendary Valkyries. Comparing the surrounding landscapes with the environmental archetypes detailed within the myth, the hillock is revealed as an ancient lunar observatory.

An enduring Celtic myth tells of a piper being seduced by the Queen of the Fairies and entering a magical seven year contract. Within the structure of this story lie a set of precise astronomical conditions which bring this folk tale firmly into reality.

All over the world in religion, mythology and folklore archetypal heroes fought giants, monsters, serpents and dragons. Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell believed this was a manifestation from the unconscious mind and this talk examines the underlying archetypes within the northern Scottish Norse myth - Assipattle and the Stoor Worm.