In 2003, The Da Vinci Code caused a global sensation suggesting Rosslyn Chapel in Midlothian was built by the Knights Templar to house a sensitive religious secret. Rosslyn has since become the focus of conspiracy theorists and grail seekers from all over the world; although this claim has been challenged by most academics as no proof exists to substantiate it. However, a mysterious painting surfaced at auction in Edinburgh which had been kept in the Dalhousie family’s private collection for over 150 years. This painting, entitled Templar Knight at Roslin Chapel, by R.T. McPherson, 1836 reopens the case.

This enigmatic painting was purchased by a private collector who commissioned Ashley Cowie to analyse and interpret its many Freemasonic and Templar symbols. In Cowie’s latest book he analyses each of the symbols which make up this 19th century painting and he compares the paintings architectural features to those in Rosslyn Chapel. This beautifully produced book contains many detailed photographs of the interior and exterior of the chapel making it appealing to academic enthusiasts and visitors to the chapel alike, especially as public photography has been banned in the building since 2007.

THE ROSSLYN TEMPLAR IS CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT. Hardback copies are available on Amazon between £80-£110 per copy, but it is currently being reprinted and you can register your interest in the following form and we will contact you when it is published just before Christmas. Print copies will be £9.99.

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