STV - The Hour Show

As resident historian on STV's The Hour Show Ashley presented a broad spectrum of historical subjects spanning from the ancient origins of Christmas and Halloween, to food rituals and religious traditions, explaining why the beliefs of ancient cultures determine much of what we celebrate and eat today.

Origins of Festivals

Ashley Joins Michelle MacMannus and comedian Sean Hughes to discuss the history of festivals and their origins in ancient harvest rituals. 

Origins of Halloween

Do you know why we carve pumpkins at Halloween, or what ‘Trick or Treating’ is all about? Historian Ashley Cowie joins Michelle McManus, Des McLean and Phyllida Law to reveal the true origins of Halloween.

Robert Burns Revealed

Everyones heard of Robbie Burns, but Historian Ashley Cowie lifts the lid on Scotland’s national poet, revealing the darker, and more interesting side of the Bard.

Sinking of the Royal Oak

Ashley joins the Steven Jardine and Michelle McManus on the couch to discuss the tragic events surrounding the sinking of HMS Royal Oak in 1939.

Origins of Friday 13th

Why is 13 regarded as unlucky? Why not 12 or 14? Ashley joins Michelle McManus and Steven Jardine to discuss superstitions and the origins of Friday 13th.

Origins of Christmas Part 2 Part 1

Ashley joins Michelle McManus and Steven Jardine to discuss the origins of Christmas traditions.

Origins of Christmas Part 2

Ashley joins Michelle McManus, Steven Jardine and Daniel O'Donnell to discuss the Pagan origins of Christmas.

The Rosslyn Templar

Ashley joins Vicky Kay and Michelle McManus to discuss his latest book The Rosslyn Templar.

Glasgow University School of Art - 3d Digital Design Studio

Using 3d scans of Rosslyn Chapel within the Glasgow School of Art’s 3d visualisation suite, Ashley will discuss the ancient Greek origins of 3d design and how stereoscopic technology can be used to better understand ancient maps.