Dedicated to safeguarding Sir Isaac Newton's 2060 doomsday prophecy from out of work 2012ers, astrologers, so-called psychics, clairvoyants, channellers and other apocalypse hungry charlatans.

The 21st December 2012 passed and we are all still here! I don't recall seeing any of the Mayan Doomsday prophecy touts, charlatans, astrologers, clairvoyants and so-called mystics publicly confessing that they cherry-picked the juiciest historical did bits to make the 2012 Doomsday story work for them. However, if you thought 2012 end of the world hysteria was big, brace yourself. In 1704 Isaac Newton, the father of modern optics, physics and astronomy predicted the end of the world would occur in 2060 and this next Earth shattering event is set to make 2012 hysteria look like a dress rehearsal. Considering the frenzy that 2012ers got into over a misinterpreted Mayan calendar, can you imagine the media hype that will occur based upon a prediction made by such a respected figure as Newton? Astrologers, New Agers and the world media will no doubt claim that the end is once again near, and if Newton, a scientist said it, you know, it's got to be true.

I predict that by the mid 2050s another faction of frenzied doomsday maniacs, declaring one of history’s greatest scientists, the man who "discovered" gravity predicted the world would end in 2060. That will be good enough for the 2060ers. We had to endure Y2K and 2012 madness and our great children will have to endure misleading headlines like "NEWTON WARNED US" and “2060 ALCHEMICAL DOOMSDAY”.

It may seem too far in the future to concern the people of today, but to prevent the hysteria we have seen over the past several years repeating, the effort starts right now. I'm writing a book as a reference for future generations, so when the 2050’s come around the rationalists out there have a reference point to stand on, giving them a chance of being heard. Ironically, human neglect of the natural world and failure to address the suffering of people in the Third World is happening around us right now. Focus on doomsday nonsense, and similar false threats to western society are currently causing real time near-apocalyptic events every day to billions of people around the world. Rather than investing cash into getting food and medicine to the starving nations, we buy space in Armageddon proof bunkers and stock pile weapons and food. Its disgraceful.

My personal mission is to help people shrug off this medieval and simplistic view of our place in the universe and lay a solid foundation of facts before Newton Doomsday Hysteria takes a grip, and the media aggressively install 2060 into the void left in popular culture by the 2012 fiasco. My Facebook community explores the next big apocalyptic event, but rather than touting a doomsday story I offer a balanced resource for researchers and laymen alike that will remain skeptical of those that will undoubtedly try to hijack this date.

My objective is to use rational, factual, historical and logical research and data to show that Newton's prediction was crafted by alchemical thinking and a my processes and a mystical interpretation of the Bible. Not through some otherworldly insight into armageddon. Please ‘Like’ my Facbook Page for this project and if you are of a similar mind and outlook, I welcome intelligent and logical debates on a rational rather than hysterical level.