Join Cliff Dunning and Ashley on on Christmas Eve for an in-depth discussion on Ashley's series of articles: 'Quest for the Golden Sun Disk'. 


Interview overview:

In Ashley's blog series, Quest for the Inca Gold Sun disk, we follow the exploration for a lost golden disk, once located in The Temple of the Sun at Cusco Peru. Said to be an information receptacle capable of sending energy (and perhaps information) to 328 sacred sites across the Inca empire, we discover insight into Viracocha, and Inca God and Andean Cosmology that can change mankind. Viracocha, also known as Huiracocha, Wiraqoca and Wiro Qocha was the supreme god of the Incas, the father of all other gods. He was most often described as an old, fair-skinned, bearded man, wearing a long robe and supported by a staff. He was believed to have formed the earth, sun, moon, planets, heavens, stars and all living beings. When he had completed his cosmic design, he "journeyed far to the north west teaching humanity and the arts before he sailed west across the Pacific, promising one day to return to Lake Titicaca." Ashley Cowie has covered the planet in a number of specials for television including, NBC's The Legend Quest, STV's "The Hour Show" and the top rating UK history show -"The People's History Show". Having a unique insight into the craft skills of ancient builders, the inner workings of ancient religions, esoteric philosophies, bizarre sub-cultures and secret societies, he's currently features on several documentaries on PBS and History Channel, including the award winning "Great Estates".