Fancy yourself as a bit of a SLEUTH? Come and apply your skills at a UNIQUE HISTORIC INVESTIGATION and hear all about Ashley's latest Neolithic discovery in Caithness.


12 SEPTEMBER - 7-9pm - captain's galley - scrabster

Part 1

The Lost Mountain Gods of Colombia

Having recently worked with professor Mauricio Botero, last month I discovered three giant carved godheads on a remote mountain in Colombia. This week, I presented my findings to a local Mayor who informed me that 'several more yet undiscovered' animal and human forms are still to be found on the mountain. The Game is a foot!

Scottish explorer Ashley Cowie and Colombian discover three giant carved godheads on a remote mountain in Colombia. WATCH THE VIDEO.

I will present a series of photographs of the mountain and invite you to help locate the missing carvings. I will then present OUR group findings to the Mayor of Tabio in September. Effectively, a gang of Caithness amateur historians will be seeded into what is becoming a very significant archeological discovery in South America.



New Neolithic Discovery

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 7.51.46 PM.png

I have discovered a significant scatter of rare Neolithic microliths, ancient flint tools, at an undisclosed location near Thurso in Caithness. Having derived further evidence in the surounding landscape I believe this is a hitherto unknown site of Neolithic settlement and at the very least a hunting-camp. 

I will be presenting a selection of the ancient artefacts and will reveal the exact location. I will then pass the artefacts over to the local archeological community, members of which will be present on the evening. 

The above photograph displays of one if the incredibly well formed microlithic blades. It fits between ones fingers with perfect ergonomic precision and has to be felt to be truly understood. 

It's not every night that you get to play with a 6000 year old tool!

To join this investigation between 7-9 pm on 12 September, simply book a table at Captain's Galley by pressing the logo. Refreshments and canapés will be provided.