For a new documentary series I recently filmed an interview with an 84 year-old professor in Colombia, who has collected Pre-Colombian artefacts for over forty years.

After the interview he took me to a highly secured vault below his mansion and shared with me two highly controversial OOPArts (Out-of-place artefacts). Sometimes archeologists and palaeontologists dig up objects that don't fit their models of how we got here, these are classified as OOPArts.

The Ica stones are classic OOPArt. This unique collection of carved stones was allegedly discovered in a cave near Ica, Peru. The oxidised surfaces of these andesite stones are engraved with symbolic depictions that challenge everything science tells us about the origin of our planet and species. Some of the stones depict people attacking stylised monsters with axes. Proponents of the stones authenticity see these as realistic depictions of Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Pterodactyls interacting with human beings.

In 1996 Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea, opened the Museo de Piedras Grabadas (Engraved Stones Museum) near Ica. He claims his collection of over twenty thousand stones was first discovered in a cave by a farmer who was later arrested for selling the historically important artefacts to tourists. Under question, he confessed to the police that he had made all of them himself. But of course conspiracy theorists believe the stones have ancient origins and the farmer made up this confession to get a reduced sentence. 

There would be no argument if the carvings could be dated, but without organic material trapped within the stones a date for their origin cannot be determined. The cave in which the stones were allegedly discovered has never been identified which leads skeptics to consider the stones are no more than an elaborate hoax designed to cash in on a gullible tourist trade. Two distinct groups of people have risen in support of the authenticity of the stones: (a) those who believe extraterrestrials are involved in Earths "real" history; (b) fundamentalist Christian creationists who actively hunt for any possible errors in anthropology, archaeology, biology and evolutionary theory.

Extraterrestrial theorists and creationists believe the farmer confessed under duress. The former believe the carvings prove that the Indians who made these stones were given information by aliens about extinct creatures and the later profess the stones directly challenge our accepted theory of evolution which places the extinctions of these creatures at millions of years in the past. And because the Indians lived within the past couple of millennium the extinctions must also be recent.

Predictably, both factions unite in believing evolutionists are wrong and believe a conspiracy among scientists that keeps 'the truth' from the public.

The reasons for this particular conspiracy are wide ranging but they generally assert that we are being duped into beliefs which detract us from the truth that a god created all species a few thousand years ago. Or, that aliens visited Earth in prehistory and cross-bred with a primate and we are all descendents of aliens.

Dr. Cabrera believes the stones depict the activities of the first Peruvian culture, an extremely technologically advanced civilisation. This is evident in some of the stones which depict people using telescopes and performing open-heart surgery and brain transplants. In his controversial book The Message of the Engraved Stones of Ica Cabrera claimed the lost civilisation came from the Pleiades star system about one million years ago. When asked where the remains of their cities and waste is located, he had problems finding an answer. 

Arguing with people who claim his stones are a hoax Cabrera claims there are far too many intricately carved stones for a farmer, or even a group of farmers to have created. However, in 1998, Spanish investigator Vicente Paris spent four years investigating the stones and published that the evidence indicates that the stones are indeed a hoax. Among the proofs presented were microphotographs of the stones revealing traces of modern paints and abrasives. The strongest evidence of fraud is the sharpness of the shallow engravings as the faces of stones of such a great age should be substantially more eroded.

Cabrera's enigmatic stones have found their way into the scaffolding of many modern belief systems and we must show cation when interpreting the data surrounding these stones. 

The dangers of misinformation arise here because many extreme creationists, pseudo-historians and ancient alien theorists present practically anything as evidence if it goes against evolution. So careful as you go.

The long tailed bat went extinct in Colombia over 30 million years ago.

The long tailed bat went extinct in Colombia over 30 million years ago.

I recently had the pleasure of filming an interview with the Professor, who must remain anonymous at this time, who owns these two stones - if owning a stone is even possible. I prefer to think we rent stones for life. He explained to me that they were discovered in 1964, at an archeological site near Bogota, Colombia. One depicts a horned animal and the other, shown opposite, features a long tailed bat, a species which went extinct in Colombia over 30 million years ago. Not only are the two Colombian stones and the Ica stones both andesite, the artistic style is identical on both sets of stones. In further support of the idea that the Ica stones were carved by a wide-spread lost civilisation, these two stones were unearthed over 25 years before the Ica stones were discovered thousands of miles away in Peru. 


As much as it might pain sceptics, this new observation reopens the case for the stones having being carved by a lost civilisation that not only existed in Peru, but as least as far away as Colombia. After our interview about these two artefacts, which are in themselves potentially historic time bombs, the professor took me to a safe room beneath his house and revealed to me that these two stones are but a fraction of the hundreds of OOPArts has amassed over 50 years. He showed me an army of artefacts which reignite the Ica stones debate. He neither believes in a young earth or ancient aliens, but he does believe humans existed on Earth a lot longer than history tells us "by many millions of years". I will keep my personal view regarding all of these stones to myself at this stage, in the interests of unbiased reporting and to encourage people to do their own research on this emerging discovery.