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LEGEND QUEST is a fast paced action-adventure show following explorer Ashley Cowie venturing around the world in search of history’s greatest relics and artifacts, all of which are believed to hold hidden powers and mystical significance for ancient and modern cultures. Each episode includes Indiana Jones-type adventure and Da Vinci Code-style connections as the hidden truths and alternative theories of these mythical objects are explored. To help establish the meaning of symbols, myths and legends, the team meet tribal elders and keepers of ancient knowledge. Tracking artifacts has them hiking over arid deserts and remote mountains in the Holy Land, chopping through thick jungles in Peru, cave diving in Mexico, repelling down waterfalls in the Philippines and crawling through tunnels underneath churches and cathedrals in Europe.


Episode 1: Ark of the Covenant & Mayan Talking Cross

Ashley begins his search in Lalibela, Ethiopia, and tracks legends to Chartres Cathedral in France in search of the famous Ark of the Covenant, believed to have the power to defeat any army and strike enemies with bolts of lightening. They Ashley and his team travel to Mexico in search of the legendary Talking Cross, which the Mayans believed gave them the power to speak directly to the gods, protect them from their enemies and grant wishes.In Mexico, Ashley explores a sacredMayan cave and discovers a range of hitherto unknown Mayan red handprints and several shards of ancient pottery before diving in an unexplored cenote (sink hole) where he discovers a human skull in a natural cavern 40 meters underground. The discovery of the skull has been reported to archeological authorities in Mexico.

Episode 2: Excalibur & Cintamani Stone

From Europe to the South China Sea, Ashley and the team journey half way around the planet searching for two of history's most famous and most powerful artefacts. Beginning in England, the team sets out to find the world's most famous sword, one that united an entire kingdom, Arthur's legendary Excalibur.A 13th century document states King Richard of England gave King Tancred of Sicily a sword called Excalibur so Ashley tracks this sword through Europe where he discovers it in the Museum of London.  

Then, it's on to the steamy tropics on a quest to find the Cintamani stone - a mystical stone said to have the power to grant your every wish. Hitler, FDR and Nicholas Roerich all sent explorers in search of the legendary Cintamani Stone, believed to be hidden in the lost city of Shambala, which Ashley searches for in the tropical forests of the Philippines.

Episode 3: Holy Lance & Golden Sun Disk

In this episode Ashley and his team are tracking two historical objects that have world wide implications should they be found: a spear that can shape the destiny of mankind and a giant disc of gold said to be able to stop time. The Holy Lance is one of the most powerful artifacts ever created and was once possessed by Adolph Hitler. Ashley travels to Europe and beyond to find the spear that many believe empowered some of history's most dominant leaders.

Then Ashley adventures to Peru searching for the Inca’s lost Golden Sun Disk. Ashley and his team ventures deep into the Peruvian rain forests and climb to Inca Wasi, a remote astronomical observatory located at over 14 thousand feet, where they make a remarkable discovery.

Episode 4: Staff of Moses & Stone of Destiny

From a wooden staff that parted the Red Sea to a stone that will be used to anoint the next King of England, Ashley and his team pursue the oldest pieces of history all the way to present day in their search for two of the most ancient objects ever recorded.

Travelling across the deserts of Jordan Ashley visits Madaba to study the oldest mosaic map in the world which leads him to the Treasury in Petra (featured in the first Indiana Jones movie). Ashley finally climes Mount Aaron and examines one of the most sacred buildings in the Christo-Judaic and Muslim religions – the tomb of Aaron, brother of Moses. Ashley then travels to Scotland following a series of clues leading to the Holy Island of Iona, where he discovers what might be the legendary Stone of Destiny – the coronation stone of the ancient Scottish Kings.

Episode 5: Merlin’s Magical Treasures & Solomon’s Ring

Ashley and the team travel to the United Kingdom and France searching for the alleged burial place of Merlin the famed magician Merlin, and his treasures, and then head to the Holy Land to track down the biblical ring of King Solomon. 

First, Ashley heads to Europe in search of the final resting place of King Arthur's trusted sorcerer, Merlin, who many believe is still watching over thirteen magical treasures -- including a teleporting chariot and cloak of invisibility. Tracking Solomon’s legendary ring, after searching in tunnels beneath the City of David in Jerusalem, he gains access to a maximum security prison in northern Israel before following the ring to Italy where he gains special permission to fly above over the Vatican in a helicopter.

Episode 6: Holy Grail

Beginning in Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, which was featured in Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’, Ashley discovers an ancient map which takes him on a quest to mainland America in search of the final resting place of the Holy Grail.

In the final episode of the season, Ashley and the team set out in search of one of the greatest and most famous relics of all time - The Holy Grail. As a Knight Templar Officer Ashley has spent years researching Grail legends, and this investigation is the culmination of his quest. He has uncovered a lost carving in Scotland - one that researchers believe could be a map to the location of the Holy Grail.