Science Festival Lectures

A Twist In Time

Challenging perceptions of the Stone Age, after this lecture you might be inclined to agree that prehistoric people had a one night stand with stone and a long and happy marriage with rope, and that the term Stone Age should be overthrown and renamed the Rope Age.

Rise of the Neolithic Farmers

Around 4000 BC Neolithic settlers in Scotland established farms, fishing stations and immense standing stone structure, but what do the alignments and measurements within these monuments tell us about the beliefs of the builders?

Evolution of Geometry

Every year after the Nile receded, for taxation purposes, Egyptian surveyor’s re-measured lands with simple wooden tools, ropes and pegs. Greek Geometers later translated these rope crafts onto clay tablets and the eggs of geometry were hatched. Greek geometry and astronomy are discussed highlighting the influence of Greece in the development of western sciences and symbols.

Megalithic Meridians

Over the last 7000 years, Scotland’s landscapes have hosted a series of meridians (arbitrary north-south alignments). The practical use of meridians in measuring land, building and astronomy are explored and the ancient observation stations located upon them are examined.

Navigators of the North

Myths, symbols and legends often encapsulate elements of astronomy, navigation and place determination sciences. This lecture highlights the role of planet Venus in the development of time keeping and within the myths of the Celtic and Norse nations.