Human Sky Sacrifice Season1.

Episode 7.

Ramy Romany and Ashley Cowie follow in the footsteps of three mummified Inca children discovered atop the Argentinean Andes.


Lost Scottish Gold

Season 7. Episode 5.

Hunting for a lost gold reserve hidden after the Jacobite Uprising of 1745, Josh Gates joins Ashley Cowie treasure hunting in the Scottish Highlands.


The People’s History Show

Documenting Scotland’s shared social history.


Legend Quest

This action-adventure series follows Ashley Cowie searching ancient sites around the globe tracking history's most sacred lost artifacts.


Great Estates of Scotland

The historical stories and inner workings of country estates told by the ghillies, gardeners, and housekeepers that keep them running.




The Hour Show

Resident historian Ashley Cowie presents the ancient origins of holidays and festivals from Christmas and Halloween, discussing food rituals and religious traditions.

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A License To Kilt

Hosted by Robbie Coltrane, historian Ashley Cowie explains how the British secret service for formed and recounts his own family connection to Ian Fleming and the 30 Assault Unit.