CRYPTIC AMERICA is a docuseries that follows the adventures of renowned symbologist and INVESTIGATIVE historian Ashley Cowie, as he traverses the continent on a quest to reveal the mysteries behind the objects, symbols, buildings and codes that make up our AMERICAN MYSTERIES AND CONSPIRACIES.



In each stand-alone episode, Ashley travels to different destinations, in order to uncover the truth behind these enigmas by visiting the people and places that possibly hold the key to unlocking their secrets. Throughout his journeys, one clue leads Ashley to the next, with each one serving as an integral piece of a puzzle whose picture comes into sharper focus over the course of the episode. Along the way, Ashley and those he encounters examine a multitude of theories associated with each of these mysteries, and dig deep into their origins with the hopes of bringing to light their concealed messages.

In the end, the investigation often leads to a shocking conclusion that either exposes the agenda of a secret society, challenges the history books, or provides the coordinates to a hidden treasure. In Cryptic America viewers will learn that there’s more to these symbols and codes than meets the eye, as the true meanings of these veiled messages that have surrounded us for centuries are finally revealed.




Throughout the ages, ancient holy books, myths and folklore had told of a sacred new world lying west of existing civilization. It was this belief that drove Spanish explorers, Viking sea lords, medieval knights, and powerful royal dynasties to invest fortunes into getting here. As they flocked to this new world, they brought with them secret societies, mysterious cults, and religious extremists, each of whom harbored their own secrets and beliefs about the destiny of our planet and mankind. When the accumulated knowledge of these ancient cultures arrived to mainland America, they created a melting pot of secrets that still exists to this day. 

As a historian who’s traveled the world to decode symbols and hunt for the hidden treasures that they can sometimes lead to, Ashley Cowie has discovered that vital clues to some of the planets biggest mysteries can be found right here on our soil. That’s why he’s now set his sights on uncovering this Cryptic Planet.

At the top of each episode, viewers are given a quick primer on this week’s topic, which includes a brief history lesson, accompanied by slick graphics that help illustrate the code or symbols Ashley will attempt to decipher this week. From there, Ashley embarks to destinations across the continent on a quest to investigate the coded messages that have been embedded in the places and things associated with these locations. 

Throughout each investigation, Ashley leaves no stone unturned as he explores a range of theories associated with each of his subjects of study. From respected historians to high-ranking officials, and crazy conspiracy theorists to local amateur enthusiasts, each episode finds Ashley joining forces with those who could quite possibly hold the key to solving these mysteries once and for all. While some help shed light, he often finds that others are less than willing to reveal information, since many still hold vows to keep these secrets intact.

Everyone he meets brings something new to the table, which directs him on his path to discover other people, places, and things that might yield additional clues that ultimately bring him closer to the truth. As each theory that Ashley hears unfolds, recreations and graphic representations act as visual accompaniments that help bring these historical accounts to life. By the time each episode ends, Ashley’s primary goal is to uncover irrefutable proof behind these codes and symbols, but as long as he finds himself closer to the truth than when he started, his efforts are considered a success.

Throughout the entire series, viewers will be exposed to the hidden meanings behind ancient symbols, as well as time-tested codes that even the most seasoned experts have been unable to crack. However, the tone of the show isn’t always as serious as one might expect it to be. Over the course of each investigation, Ashley keeps things on the fun and lighter side, as he hears and examines stories and possible explanations from those ranging from the most hardcore historians, all the way down to unintentionally comical conspiracy theorists.

Each episode of Cryptic Planet, a is a real-life Da Vinci Code where Ashley serves as the viewers’ eyes, ears, and voice, as he takes them along on an eye-opening ride during which some longstanding secrets will finally be brought to light.



3 short form EPISODE EXAMPLES:


Ashley Cowie examining the LA Central Library.



ACT 1: Ashley first meets with a member of the LA Theosophical Society outside the library, who talks him through the buildings history. Built in 1926 by Bertram Goodhue, an architect responsible for designing properties for some of America’s most prominent people at the time, as well as government and military buildings, and headquarters for secret societies. All the symbols and architectural codes, including the tiled pyramid roof, at whose apex a golden hand holds a torch. These symbols have deep occult meaning, and are clearly inspired by Freemasonry, which leads Ashley to an encounter with a Freemason Grandmaster who believes the pyramid to be a universal symbol of the Mysteries of Life.

ACT 2: Using a simple sheet of paper, he makes a pyramid and shows Ashley the transition from the material plane to the spiritual world. He also explains that the pyramids of Ancient Egypt were most likely used for the purposes of initiation, where candidates were led to the path of Illumination. He points out that on each side of the roof pyramid is a sun symbol, the most visual ancient representation of our creator.

ACT 3: Ashley also speaks to a local church minister, who is bothered by peoples’ assumptions that the Sun symbols represent occult ideals. He believes they represent God, and that they serve as a testament to the designer’s good Christian ideals.

ACT 4: Ashley then teams with a local Conspiracy Theorist who delves deeper into the occult symbols that are on display all over Los Angeles, including a 9-step pyramid atop downtown’s city hall, and the recreation of a Babylonian Temple at The Hollywood and Highland Center, which is where the Academy Awards are presented every year.

CONCLUSION: Ashley has revealed that Los Angeles’ role in conveying hidden messages to the masses via the entertainment industry, and offers shocking examples of how it has succeeded in these efforts over the years.





ACT 1: To separate fact from fiction, and to get closer to the truth, Ashley sets out to examine the symbols on the dollar bill by paying a visit to Washington DC’s Smithsonian Institute. Here, he meets Dr. Robert Hieronimus, a well known author, Freemason expert, and conspiracy theorist, who delivers the intriguing backstory of the currency. Together, they examine the bank note up close to reveal some surprising features whose roots are connected to secret societies, especially the Freemasons. 

ACT 2: To further understand the truth behind what these symbols meant to the designers of the dollar bill, Ashley wants to find out exactly what Freemasons are, and what the symbols on the dollar bill mean to them. He travels across Washington and meets with a Grandmaster on the steps of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Here, they discuss the architectural secrets and symbols that exist outside of this very building, and Ashley pinpoints the location of a secret symbol that relates directly to the dollar bill that the Grandmaster didn’t even know existed there. When it all boils down, the Freemason doesn’t believe the symbols on the dollar bill were intended to represent Freemasonic symbols, even though Ben Franklin, and others behind the creation of the currency were Masons themselves.

ACT 3: Not entirely believing everything the Grand Master has told him, Ashley heads to DC’s Masonic Museum, where he meets with a conspiracy theorist, who reveals the Freemasons’ sinister plan to invoke a “new world order.” He also points out that, although most researchers have focused on the hidden meanings behind the symbols on the dollar bill, they have all perhaps overlooked the most important symbol of them all – The “$” Sign.

ACT 4: The origins of the dollar symbol have been debated over the years, and some theories attribute its roots lie in the occult as well. Finally, Ashley arranges a meeting with a high-ranking official at the Department of the Treasury, where he asks a series of hard-hitting questions that he receives some very interesting answers to.

CONCLUSION: Ashley has revealed that although Freemason's are generally accused of conspiring to run America, the Banks who printed the Dollar Bill are the real rulers of society, and their conspiracy is unfolding today.



 UVB-76 - DIGITAL fear

BETWEEN 1982 AND 2012 a curious radio broadcast aired constantly over a shortwave frequency with the call sign UVB-76. This low, buzzing tone WAs extremely strange, and although many conspiracy theories exist to explain what it WAs, nobody HAS discovered the source of this spooky broadcast, or the meaning behind it.


ACT 1:  Some believe that the transmission delivers orders to military personnel or spies, while others believe that it possibly used to for more sinister purposes. To begin his investigation, Ashley heads to Indianapolis to meet with the head of the Society of Broadcast Engineers at their world headquarters. Here, he listens to recordings of the broadcast, and discovers that the noise is caused by something being held up to a live microphone, and is most probably military in origin.

ACT 2: Ashley then meets with a Military Communications Expert who explains that the signal has rarely been interrupted to deliver voice or Morse code messages, but has recently seen a flurry of activity, since late 2010. Every time a voice has been heard, it’s spoken in Russian, and lists several Russian names and numbers before returning to the “foghorn” sound. 

ACT 3: After receiving several theories on what these names and codes might possibly mean, Ashley meets a Conspiracy Theorist who believes the signal originates from Russia and might be part of a brain washing program, and possibly even linked to a detonator in a hidden Nuclear Device.

CONCLUSIONS: Finally, Ashley teams with a Radio Technician in an effort to triangulate the location of the strange signal’s origin via a directional antenna, in order to reveal its source, which could lead to revealing the strange signal’s ultimate purpose.