This series of films presents my expansion of the esoteric research conducted by the early 19th century Irish literary geniuses Æ and W. B. Yeats. Both men were active Freemasons, Rosicrucians and hermetic kabbalists who as members of Golden Dawn practiced ceremonial magic and independently studied the archetypal characters and events of Celtic mythology. While Egyptian and Greek pantheons of gods and goddesses had been corresponded with the functionality of the kabbalistic tree of life ancient Celtic pantheons did not receive such attention, but that is what I have attempted to achieve with these films.

Part 1

In 9th century Ireland Celtic priests speculated how, when and why universal creation might have happened and to rationalize the mysteries of creation a rich tapestry of cosmic energies, magic trees, sea giants and fountains of creation was forged and it is within the structure of these creation myths that we find correlations with mystical Jewish kabbalah. This episode not only visualizes Æ and Yeats’ kabbalistic discoveries within Irish myths, but it builds on their work extending deeper into the spiritual dynamics surrounding the emergence of the Celtic Irish gods; Lir (Keter) Manannán (Chochmah) and Dana (Binah), the mystical creation trinity of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

Part 2

An old Gaelic flood prophecy that has evaded understanding for over 1000 years is translated using hermetic, alchemical and kabbalistic keys from the life and legends of the 6th century Celtic Irish Saint Columba; revealing Iona Island as a conceptualization of the Biblical Ark. Then, studying the cosmological conditions surrounding the birth of the great saint we translate another prophecy of a ‘Veil’ decorated with the ‘bowers of paradise’ heralding in child, “a prince and prophet wearing the flower of the faith”. When transferred on to the tree of life the saint is revealed as a projection of 'Adam Kadmon’, first man or primordial man, the spiritual or energetic outline of human beings.

Using the tree of life as a cosmological model, the biological conditions associated with Saint Columba’s kingly ancestors are unfolded beginning with his great-great-grandfather Niall Noígíallach or Niall of the Nine Hostages. And, we begin our journey up the tree of life using key stages in the saint’s lifetime as stepping stones . Exploring the metaphysical, cosmological and psychological stages of the saints life, this episode examines his progression through the 32d path of initiation from Malkuth (Kingdom) to Yesod (Foundation).