Ashley currently lives in Colombia, South America, where he films documentaries, writes daily news articles and research papers, and presents webinars across several online platforms.

Ashley Cowie is a Scottish historian, author and documentary filmmaker presenting original perspectives on historical problems, in accessible and exciting ways. His books, articles and television shows explore lost cultures and kingdoms, ancient crafts and artifacts, symbols and architecture, myths and legends telling thought-provoking stories.

In his 20's Ashley was based in Caithness on the north east coast of Scotland and walked thousands of miles across ancient Neolithic landscapes collecting flint artifacts, which led to the discovery of significant Neolithic settlements. Having delivered a series of highly acclaimed lectures on the international Science Festival Circuit about his discoveries, he has since written four bestselling non-fiction books. Elected as a member of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, incorporated by Royal Charter in 1783, Ashley has been involved in a wide range of historical and scientific research projects which are detailed in the Projects and Science Festival pages on this website.

Ashley filming at the rock hewn churches in Lalibela, Africa. He made friends, quickly.

Ashley filming at the rock hewn churches in Lalibela, Africa. He made friends, quickly.

In 2009 Ashley became resident Historian on STV’s The Hour Show and has since filmed 46 episodes of The People’s History Show’ and has featured as an expert Historian on several documentary series. Airing in over 40 countries, NBC’s Universal’s hit-adventure show ‘Legend Quest’ followed Ashley’s global hunt for lost sacred artifacts and in North America, Ashley featured in PBS’s ‘Great Estates’ - Amazon’s top-ten “most downloaded documentary list 2016,” watched by an estimated 150 million people. Ashley appears weekly on Ancient presenting Webinars and organizes archaeological expeditions.

Ashley's Documentary Reel.